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Monday, July 11, 2011

Once In A Blue Moon-Yellow Rose Watercolor

I have not been spending much time on this lately but today I took the time to darken a few areas and actually if I would spend just a couple more hours I think I could be done. I am done for the most part with everything but the large rose...and that has the center to go in yet and to tune up some edges. The blue on the moon seems to be showing up a little bluer than it is but I have to look at that and see if I might want to actually do that to the painting...we will see! So hopefully soon I will be able to show you the finished piece. Thank you for being patient!


Judith Angell Meyer said...

This is gorgeous Jane. Really gives you the feeling of moon light. Very well done.

Carrie'sCreations said...

That is remarkable!! The lighting is fabulous and the details are spectacular!

Phyl said...

I love this rose! The light and shade effect is fantastic!

Arti said...

wonderful painting..great effects of moonlight.

ellie said...

Hi Janie. I had to come to your blog to see your rose. Wow, it is beautiful and the idea of having it shown at night with the moon is brilliant! Love the title too. I don't see a couple of hours work in it. I think that the time remaining is alot less.

Janet Belich said...

WOW ! I LOVE your blue moon rose !
I haven't been here for a while...too busy stealing your FB wall.
Reeeely spectacular.

Balaji said...

This is superb...the stem and leaves are beautifully modelled, and I am sure the rose will be too once you have finished.