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Friday, September 30, 2011

New White Iris

I have been gone so long I feel out of touch! I did manage to nearly complete this white iris while away and yesterday added a few touches. I will get this matted and framed and hung down at Northwoods gallery asap for sale. This is a smaller piece, approx. 8x10 and I believe I will do another small one before going back to the large peony I have been working on as the smaller ones seem to sell fast and Christmas is coming up! ha! This iris grows in my garden and I always love to paint it as I do with most any white flower. I have not officially named it but it might just remain White Iris.


Amanda Spencer said...

Lovely Jane, perfect light!

Balaji said...

Thank you for posting a large image. It is such a pleasure to look at a painting at the same size in which it was painted and, it is also very helpful to people like me who wish to learn from your work.