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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Demo of Give Thanks Continues!

Been busy around here and forgot to load the next step to my painting! This is step three. I took this quickly as the sun was setting that day thus the strange orange glow on the paper and my cast shadow in the corner!
This painting was sort of being planned as I went because I knew I had to be putting the hours in or I would not meet the deadline. This is the point where I started to realize I wish I had made a few different choices. I will try to remember to mention them on the last one so it makes the most sense. I usually say to my students, know exactly what you are painting or last minute decisions could wreck your painting. Well that is the thin ice I was walking on in this one for sure! ha!

1 comment:

Guy Magallanes said...

I'm loving this...
anticipating the next post....
I can hear you speaking when reading!