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Friday, November 25, 2011

Give Thanks Watercolor Step Two

As you can see I moved right into the lettering. My photo had the red leaves from my Maples here and it looked workable from the photo but the further I got into it I wished I had used some of the yellows. There were not as pretty but now when I see the composition I can see I might have problems...but with a deadline I forged ahead . I think if I had had time I would would have paused at this moment to reconsider the leaves. I also did not have time to consider that background but kept hoping it would come to me as I worked. It did not! ha! But I loved how the dot on the i was helping to hold up this gourd and the letters were so interesting so I hoped it would be enough to help carry this off,. The building up of washes on the gourd were working well too so I felt ok at this point but questioning some things.


Guy Magallanes said...

It's so fun to watch and listen as you move through this image... I get to know you better. Thanks

Jane Freeman said...

Ha! Thanks Guy! You might really start laughing as you discover I fly by the seat of my pants and nothing is for certain with me! I would like a totally private watch of you and your washes! ha!