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Thursday, December 15, 2011

More of Blue Jay Watercolor

I need to keep going with the Give Thanks demo for you!
I am not sure I have discussed the stem! I decided to make it longer and go behind the gourd. I felt like that edge was my brightest edge and I was beginning to lose it. Not sure if there was wisdom in that decision or not but it was what I did and why at the time. I have darkened more in the leaves and am finishing off the lettering and have placed a pale blue wash in for the background. This is why I suggest you know your background. I am going into this with the strong chance now of wrecking what I have because I have no idea what it will look like. After I put the design into the curtain, I decided that perhaps I had too much going on as it was. Plus I knew I had to finish this up for the deadline so there really was not time to sit and ponder what to do.  I know next I have to begin working on the Blue Jay and get his values in there and then I can make up my mind on the rest. I sure wish all the elements would have been clarified in the beginning as I think this could have been a really interesting painting. It still is nice but predictable in many ways.

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