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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Step Four of Watercolor Thanks Giving

Sorry guys...crzay world but I am back! So here is the fourth picture of took of the progression of Give Thanks. Here I began working on the Blue Jay and the peanut and I really nailed the peanut...not sure if in this one or the next step but I was so dang happy with it but then went on to lose it when the background went in. That is the problem when you are unsure what is going to go in the background. It is always best if you can plan that ahead because tossing one together is never the best solution. On that note, I know many of you know that I do not see a dark background as a is an easy way to get drama but for me I always want to know if there is something else I could do. Yes, there are times I have sacrificed the painting trying out something different but I just see too many artists going with a solid dark background because they know it will work...when I know something else would as well but they are not willing to go there. I should be smart and just do it myself! ha! Now back to this...I have defined more the letters etc and at this point is when I see that I wish I had added some yellows and greens for leaves. All I had were my red maples with leaves on the ground, everything else had been raked up. But now I see that would have been a very nice balance with the letters. The greens would be a great complement with the orange/reds and would have helped to pop that area,,,however at the time I took the picture I thought it might be nice for that foreground to just blend in and just be a directional tool and one that would ground the area...but greens there would have helped alot. So there you are! Step four! I have a few more steps to go! Hope you are enjoying laughing at my thought process! ha!!!

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