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Saturday, January 07, 2012

White Peony Demo Continuted

I am a little further...but not as far as I had hoped. Life just keeps getting in the way and so paintings do not get done like they should...but that is just how things are for me right now.
I started the fence and decided to go quite dark with it for contrast but that is going to require alot of adjusting with the values in the peony. I do not think that will be hard however but have decided I need to get the leaves figured out and in so that I have all the other values to look at to make my final decisions on the peony. Each time I wash over the browns in the fence they fade out as transparents will do so then I have to go back in and add some details again so it is taking a little longer but I always enjoy this back and forth play with the painting. I hope after tomorrow I am working on the peony and bringing this one to a close!


Mary Kosary said...

Suggested title "Don't Fence Me In". Perhaps you remember this song. Beautiful painting.

Arena Shawn said...

I really like how the fence is contrasting with the peony right now -- the warmer browns vs. the cooler greys. Looking forward to see how this one would turn out.

And I'm marveling at the degree of details you had the peony pedal...

Arti said...

This is looks like a masterpiece to me! Made me wish I could do this!