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Friday, March 02, 2012

My Friends the Squirrels!

I have begun a painting but it is progressing very slowly and I will not be doing a step by step on this one. It just might be one of those that is going to take a long time as I am working out the background now and it will be complicated and not easy to do.
This is one of my buddies who visits me and looks through my windows to find me to let me know he wants peanuts. I have 6 that come but one seems to know I am the source of all his enjoyment! ha!
My pet Bluejays still come as well and oddly there are 6 of them! I guess 6 is my lucky number! hee!
I have so many things that need to be painted for upcoming events that it is taking all my time away from this. Hang in there...I hope to have some things to show you but for now I am sorry it is so quiet.

1 comment:

christiane fortin said...

Too too cute!