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Monday, April 02, 2012

Afternoon Delight watercolor with pears

I am not done with this yet as I cannot figure out what should be on that little tag hanging there and thought the title would give me the answer but it doesn't...still some painting to do but I have stopped hoping to come up with some solutions and none are coming. ha! I am thinking of calling it Afternoon Delight..but not sure on that and open to suggestions!!


Helen Shideler said...

howabout "A-pear-ently"

Jane Freeman said...

Ha! That is a good one Helen!

Jo said...

A-pear-ently is good but I love that little frog who is holding tight to his Pear. "Gotcha!"

jyoti kumar said...

Surreal and so beautiful, full of life .

Donna Mae said...

Very whimsical! I love it! Suggestion for the name -

When you start looking deeper into the painting - there is a lot going on! I love the tummy of the frog that looks like a pear!

Just wonderful!

Bachrojih Syatiri said...

I keep on learning your painting technique, and have been waiting for your beautiful art-works.
It’s nice to see this.
It’s such a long…long journey to have a very…very...beautiful painting like yours.
Thanks for sharing.

Bachrojih Syatiri said...

Just a 'Sparkling pears'.

Shayna Bridge said...

Such a interesting paintings.very good work ,an artist gives more and more satisfaction to another artist …well.

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