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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lady Slipper Watercolor

I just realized I did not post the other 8x8 stretched paper painting. These paintings are varnished with a UV polymer and are really quite tough. They can be hung as they are or framed in a shadow box that really sets them off nicely. This is the Pink Showey Ladyslipper.

Red Tulip Watercolor

I just completed another stretched watercolor paper painting. This is again 8x8 over stretcher bars and you can see there is some depth with picture two...Getting reds to photograph correctly is not easy but I am close. I am hoping I can get a collection of small pieces to sell at some they seem more marketable because they are without frame, glass and mat and are varnished for protection which seems more modern for the younger collector. We shall see!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pink Showy Ladyslipper Orchids

This summer I have completed only a few things and one is this group of Pink Showy Ladyslippers. It is our state flower and we are so blessed to live in an area where there are many varieties of orchids that bloom! Seems odd doesn't it as we are such a very cold state but they thrive here. You will find them on the edges of the forests and growing in the is pretty amazing! I have painted them before and my first original was purchased by the Secretary of State a few years ago to hang in her office. That was a great honor for me. Hopefully this one will find a good home as well!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Fourth!!

This is a card I created for July 4th and for my son's dog Taylor...I will write what I put on the back of the card which I think is important for us all to remember everyday not just today.

I did this painting for my son in rememberance of his wonderful dog Taylor. She loved to go on the pontoon for rides. This was the 4th of July and she loved to get her scarf on and be in all the excitement of the regatta on Movil Lake. She put her whole heart into it and smiled the whole time. Our freedom is very dear and we are so proud of all those who have fought to keep us free. Next time you see the flag go by in a parade...remove your hat and place your hand over your heart and mean it. We are a very blessed nation and we need to show that pride like our grandparents had. My grandfather always stood at attention for every flag and he taught me to do the same. It is one small way to honor our country and show our gratuitude to the military for their service. And Taylor might add one more thing....SMILE!