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Friday, January 18, 2013

White Day Lily Watercolor

I am finishing up some things that I just did not bring to completion this fall. I have one more that is drawn and will try to do it similar to this one so they can be a pair. This is 8x8x1 wrapped arches on stretcher bars. This still has not been varnished and once that is done the colors will be much more vivid. These are sort of fun to work on and just something different for a change.
I am sorry the first one is not very straight and then from the side I do not know how to use a program to block out the background to make it solid...guess that is the next thing I need to learn!


Vicki Greene said...

I really like your painting. The position of the flower and colors are wonderful!

Carol Blackburn said...

So pretty!

Carmella Tuliszewski said...

Hi Jane. Beautiful painting. If you load your photos in iPhoto you can easily straighten and crop the image to block out surrounding area. How do you like painting on stretched watercolor paper? Do you spray before you varnish? Have you tried it with larger sizes yet? So many questions!

Jane Freeman said...

Thanks everyone!
Carmella, I have an iphone and do everything on my computer...and have Adobe but have not learned the feature to fill in the background...ha! I procrastinate all the time.
I like painting on the stretched canvas because it is then done...when you are done it is done and no expensive matting and framing involved. So it is a great thing to do for small easy to sell pieces. However when I paint large I keep them flat in case it would be a good piece to enter into a show as national shows do not allow the stretched paper.
And yes, I spray with a fixative first...3 very light coats...each dry inbetween. I use Krylon Matte fixative. Then I dilute Golden Satin Polymer Varnish with UVLS in it, 50/50 with water...I apply that first coat as lightly as I can with a large very soft brush...I do not want to disturb any paint. I let each coat dry and apply 3 coats. Now it is ready for anything and is wonderful as the colors just get intensified with the varnish so they are very rich in color.
I do have 4 ready to go 18 inch squares and one day I might do them as one picutre to hang together...we will see!!!

Jane Freeman said...

I received an email from Mary Kosary but it just doesn' show up here...Mary asked me if you can buy the paper already stretched. No Mary...but I bet one day we can because this is slowly becoming popular. It actually is pretty easy once you do it as it is like wallpapering to cut those corners etc...but yes, all done up for us would be wonderful...perhaps someone will start doing that or maybe I should start a little company. ha!