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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Watercolor Iris Demo #5

Well I guess it is time to stop as football is starting and then there will be no concentration in this house! Ha! I am hoping that my background doesn't become too busy for this flower...I can always tone things back and soften them when things are done to see what works. Originally the spaces between the grass blades was to be dark but now I am unsure. I always leave myself options and right now I am wondering if the bottom is dark and it rises into the light perhaps we want that area very light so I will stop with any work at the top until the bottom starts to take shape. The bottom is a problem because when I look at my photo the stem is mostly hidden and now it feels tonight I need to decide how I will design that area to support this massive flower. I truely was hoping to have this done before next weekend but now I am wondering if that is going to be possible. But each day I make progress and so who knows! Just keep trying ones best is all we can do!
The greens are Daniel Smith Sap Green...that is all. The purple is Carbazole Violet and then I use some Quin. Purple and Quin. Rose also from Daniel Smith. In a few areas you will see some Phthalo Turquoise as well.

1 comment:

Vicki Greene said...

Thank you for sharing your thought process as you work through this painting.