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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Watercolor Iris demo #7

I had hped to have this done but I am getting ready to leave for a week to help my daughter so had to many other things I needed to do. My hubby doesn't cook so that means I get his food all lined up as well! ha! Plus the bird food, cat food and dog you know I have been a busy girl! ha!
When I get back I will finish up the bee which will allow me to then decide the values of the leaves in the background and how dark some need to go yet. I will also look at some of the values on the iris but felt I needed the bee done first to determine how to make it the center of attention or do I want it to be sort of hidden and a secret find to the viewer...we shall see! Have a good week everyone!


Vicki Greene said...

The iris is looking terrific. Hope you have a great trip.

christiane fortin said...

Stunning. Are you preparing demos for another book my friend ??

Dana Solmilar said...

Beautiful watercolor!

ellie said...

The Iris and bee are truly beautiful Janie. I really like it.

Phyl said...

This is so gorgeous, I'm looking forward to see how you "finish up". I never know and it's a huge problem for me. Someone should write a book on that!

Hope you and your daughter have a great time!