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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Iris With Bee

I am calling this done finally! If there is any tweeking that I might do it will be ever so slight and will not change how it really looks.
I have not figured out a name for this yet but surely hope to come up with something that makes sense to me. I have no idea if it should refer to the wildness of the grasses I have made up in the background or refer to the bee. It could simply be The Pollinator I suppose...we shall see.
Well guys I usually have the next one drawn but this time that has not happened. I will hopefully begin working on the drawing tomorrow and in a few days be able to tell you what I plan to paint next.
I hope this demo has helped those of you who like to paint iris or flowers to see how I work carefully in with slow glazing and not until toward the end do I get the intense color so there is no bleeding. I also always have a very good drawing so that I know it is going to look just like I want it.

Have a great weekend!


tgarrett said...

Jane-How big is this? It's just incredible!

Sherry Schmidt said...

Just gorgeous Jane!

Jane Freeman said...

The size is 23x22 Terry...sorry I forgot to add that.
Thank you both for your kind words!

LadyP said...

Breath taking! I adore your work Jane. I hope you visit New Zealand one day so I can attend a class. :)

Phyl said...

Oh my, this is beautiful. I love everything about it!

Vicki Greene said...

Beautiful painting Jane. Thank you for sharing the WIP photos and information.

Studio at the Farm said...

It is magnificent, Jane! And thank you so much for posting the steps in your painting.