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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Umbrellas Watercolor Demo #4

Well I am sort of surprised at how long it is taking me to paint this! I knew I was slow but really! ha! I am trying to find those crazy cast reflections that are odd but need to be sort of accurate to read the umbrella above...I nearly have it. Hopefully tomorrow I will close the gap on this part...then deciding on the background value will be my big task as when I took this picture outside the background was a dark gray blue. I am worried that everything will get lost in that I have to put my thinking cap on. Now this would be where knowing how to use photoshop would really come in handy!!!  Something tells me there is a simple app on my phone that might help me with this if I can figure that out...but first I need to get the umbrellas and reflections done! 


Studio at the Farm said...

That is one complicated painting!!! You did not set yourself an easy task.
I'm a slow painter, too, and photoshop is beyond me. I tried it, and just became so frustrated, I felt it was easier to work it out on paper.
I really look forward to seeing this when completed!

Carrie said...

Wow I'm just loving this!!!! Great composition and of course masterfully painted!

christiane fortin said...

This painting is so full of amazing colors. It will for sure be a gorgeous Freeman painting. Can't wait to see the result. Wow! Janie you rock.