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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Painting Was Put On Hold!

I have been so busy this summer that painting was put on hold a lot. I do have a full sheet that I have been working on every once in awhile and will try to get back to that and finish it up. These are small...the landscape is 10 x 7 1/2 and done to hopefully bring to Wyoming but not sure...I am not too crazy about it. ha!
The other two are stretched paper over stretcher bars and measure 8x8. I have two coats of varnish on them at this point...but I think some of the greens bled and faded...I could see green in the mixture as I varnished. So they are not the greatest either but wanted to get them done. They do seem to sell at $75 so I try to keep them on hand. I will show a side view too.
Maybe next week I will get back to the full sheet I have been working on. I think in less than a week it would be done so it would be nice to get it under my belt so I can start something new!


Jane Freeman said...

The coloring seems off and I did just correct the line on the left of the landscape...I had changed that edge and forgot to darken it that is now done and I did darken a few more holes in the is so important there be holes but how many to leave is unknown to me...I still am learning!

christiane fortin said...

Janie this is lots of fun. I love the colors and textures. It's beautiful work as always.

Laura Leeder said...

On my monitor they both look great! Enjoy the last few days of summer...