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Monday, November 18, 2013

Double Stargazer Lily Watercolor Update

Well I only was able to put in another hour today because of errands etc but I still am making progress! I sure hope this inspires some of you who have families or jobs that even a little here or there on your painting will eventually give you a finished piece of art and some satisfaction! It is always doable and should make anyone believe that they can do a painting no matter what the time constraints. That is the beauty of watercolor! So here it is. I still have hopes of completing it by Thursday but so far my week has been not mine so I will just roll with it and see how far I can get! It still is getting close and that is all that is important!


Jane Freeman said...

You will notice I finally got a pretty good picture of it. It is gray out but not as bad as it has been!

Mary Jansen said...

I's already drop dead beautiful!!! What else could you possibly do to make it better?!

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you Mary...well I have to finish several petals and then all the edges of the petals...and even now I am putting in some darks and reshaping the background for better movement...I always pick away at things...ha!

Janet Belich said...

Stop picking ! Wowzers. Beautiful light & shadows !!!

Corn Dena said...

beautiful floral!