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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oriental Bliss Watercolor

Finished a full sheet of my double  Stargazer oriental lilies. They have been done for awhile but finally got the pictures taken. The step by step process is further down in this blog. I love to do floral work
 but of course they are rarely juried into shows without other elements in them so I have no idea why I do it but I love flowers!
I have also figured out a new problem I will post here for others in case someone else is running into this.
I had a computer person open my web site on his computer and my pictures were color saturated and on mine they are so pale I can hardly see them. My computer screen is not allowing for a good rgb reading and doesn't even seem to have that adjustment capabilities so what is see is pale and then I take it into Adobe to make it what it is suppose to look like. But in doing that it becomes color saturated for most other computers. This explains my jpegs that I have been sending out to shows...they bare little resemblance to the original painting. I am sick about this and have to get this fixed soon. I will have someone check my screen to see if they can figure out how to set it and if it can't be then I will need to buy a new monitor that does this. All the work I have done will need to be redone. So if you can check your color settings on your monitor, make sure that it is at a setting to show your work correctly. That setting is rarely the standard setting on most computers.