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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cherries and Wine Watercolor step 7

Well I know it doesn't seem like much but the bread is a doozy...I am not sure how far to take it...but still a lot of work to do there. I did start the geraniums to get more color going...I hope by this weekend to get most of the flowers done so I can assess where I am at. Once I feel pretty comfortable I will begin the background as having all that white there is bothering me. I like to cover all my paper asap so that only the right whites are showing. That is how I check this mass of white kind of throws me off but soon that will be resolved. Wish I were one of those artists who finishes sections as they go! Instead I work up to that which means about every area of this still needs work...but I have worked this way for so long I do not think I could change! ha!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cherries and Wine Watercolor 6

Well I know it is not a lot but I think it has made a difference in a few areas. We are starting to see the loaf of bread which helps that area and I was able to get some of the embroidery onto the tablecloth and that sort of helps down there. I have increased a few shadows as well. I am trying to decide what to work on tomorrow and I am thinking I would like to see the geraniums now so it gives me a sense of where the top of this is. So tomorrow I hope to wander into that area and get those shapes more defined with color and I think by this time tomorrow it will even look better. That is however if I get to paint! ha! One ever knows what a day will bring. Just remain open to it and enjoy the journey!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cherries and Wine Update 5

Well if you did not think I was slow before maybe you have changed your mind? ha! I am trying to carefully draw each area as I want it to appear as realistic as possible in the drawing stage so that when I apply the paint it will flow on in the correct areas. Believe it or not I work on this every day for a while. But I must get up often so my neck doesn't start hurting so it seems to take forever. If nothing else I hope I am showing you that over time it really can come together and be a satisfying painting!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cherries and Wine Watercolor Update

Well I am moving at the pace of a turtle but I still am moving forward and that is what counts! ha! I am trying to find all these shapes and it gives me a headache at times...I just cannot stay bent over like I use to when I was young! But I will persist!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cherries and Wine Demo

Well it appears I have not gotten to far and yet I have been working for 2 days!!!! Now do you believe me when I say I am slow! ha! I think with my little picture it is so hard to see what I am doing that the drawing stages are going very slowly! There is a lot to work on yet but maybe by the end of the month I will be getting pretty close if I just hang in there! I hope you will be is hard for me to be patient and not rush in and then wreck something I am trying to calculate my moves and hopefully it will pay off!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cherries and Wine Watercolor

Well I did not get to draw and paint today as planned...but I had a few stolen moments last night to put in the fringe and this afternoon I got twenty minutes to lay in a few shapes...tomorrow I want to paint and hope for no distractions. My door will be locked and I will pretend not to be home! ha!!The paper was not flat when I photographed so it is sort of out of whack but you can see where I am to some extent. The skies were very gray so that is influencing the whites too.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cherries, Wine and Bread Watercolor

I have begun a new watercolor so will post where I am at so far. This one has so much little stuff I am having trouble drawing it all as it gives me a headache so I am drawing a little and painting a little. I guess I will just set my goal to be done by spring! ha! Actually there are areas that will go quite fast so once I find the shapes I can stick in the actual values and the big stuff will finish up fast. By going light to begin with I have room to decide if it looks right or I need to change a shape...cowardly?? Nope...just careful. ha! I am showing you just a section as there is not much use in looking at a lot of white paper is there! I have started drawing past this point but so much more to draw. There is a loaf of bread I am having second thoughts on painting! A million holes...I will pretend it is lace. Gotta have a sense of humor sometimes! Hopefully I will stay with this painting daily
and be able to update more often.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Swan Watercolor in Yellowstone

I have not titled this one yet but perhaps you will have some ideas for me! I did take a few step by steps and I might post them later for you. They were not that good as every day was so dark and gray when I took them. This swan was in a river in Yellowstone park and actually there were several and I got many great pictures so I might do another painting of them at a later date. The picture shows the blue up brighter than it really is. Once I get this professionally taken it will be better. Hope you like it! I enjoyed doing a 1/2 sheet painting for a change and it surely went faster as it was less complicated! I should do more like this but for some reason I always try to do something too hard. The next one I have started drawing is full sheet and I think it is way over my head but I will try! ha!
I darkened the water reflection a little as it was just too white...and hoping that it works better?