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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cherries and Wine Update 5

Well if you did not think I was slow before maybe you have changed your mind? ha! I am trying to carefully draw each area as I want it to appear as realistic as possible in the drawing stage so that when I apply the paint it will flow on in the correct areas. Believe it or not I work on this every day for a while. But I must get up often so my neck doesn't start hurting so it seems to take forever. If nothing else I hope I am showing you that over time it really can come together and be a satisfying painting!


Vicki Greene said...

I too am a slow painter and have realized that if I can just do a bit each day that finally it becomes a finished painting. You painting is looking great and is well worth the wait to see the finish.

Mary Kosary said...

I love it and think it will just be stunning when you finish it. A remarkable image.

ellie said...

What are you planning for the background?

Laura Leeder said...

I am also a slow painter and with so so much detail in this piece, I can't imagine going any faster. I am curious though, would it not be easier to have it completely drawn out first? It's going to be a gem!