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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Swan Watercolor in Yellowstone

I have not titled this one yet but perhaps you will have some ideas for me! I did take a few step by steps and I might post them later for you. They were not that good as every day was so dark and gray when I took them. This swan was in a river in Yellowstone park and actually there were several and I got many great pictures so I might do another painting of them at a later date. The picture shows the blue up brighter than it really is. Once I get this professionally taken it will be better. Hope you like it! I enjoyed doing a 1/2 sheet painting for a change and it surely went faster as it was less complicated! I should do more like this but for some reason I always try to do something too hard. The next one I have started drawing is full sheet and I think it is way over my head but I will try! ha!
I darkened the water reflection a little as it was just too white...and hoping that it works better?


Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Jane, I must say I love your honesty.......because getting in over my head is exactly what I tend to do. I have ideas for paintings I should not attempt because my skill level is so amateur. Do you think that just painting small sections of the overall piece until I perfect them is a good way to go?
Wishing you a wonderful 2014.

Jane Freeman said...

I think pushing ones self is how we learn. When I wanted to paint silver I brought out the sterling coffee pots etc...I struggled but it worked. And when it gets very complicated I paint what I know...and then it is sort of like connect the dots as the parts in between that I don't understand start to usually make sense...I say usually because sometimes they still look like WHAT IS THIS! ha! But by then you have isolated the problem and you can work it out. But to always paint what we know we never learn anything and yes...stretch yourself this year and I bet by next year at this time you will be amazed at all you have learned!