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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Salute to Norway!

I am not sure that is the title...but it is leaning that will have something to do with Norway or my friend Solveig Rimstad.   You will see that the wine label I kept leaving is now the Norwegian flag! I need to work on it...thought it was straight and it is not! ha! But I think I have room to move that line a little. This is not done but now all I have are little adjustments here and there and stabbing in some dark areas
etc...erasing...removing cat hair. ha! But now I can begin to get ready for Vegas where I will be all of next week with my daughter and son-in-law at clothing market. I just did not want to leave with so many loose ends...I feel it is very doable now when I get back...and if I have the time I will do it before.  So here it is until further notice!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Cherries and Wine Watercolor Demo 10

This watercolor is slowly coming to an end. I thought I was going to be done this weekend and now I am aiming for next weekend. One thing I have learned over the years is to not rush myself because when I do I tend to just put something there and it makes no sense. ha! I have spent today making up the leaves on the right side. Still a little value work needs to be done there. Yesterday I worked just on the cracked wood as it would have been easy to rush it but it might not look like the wood I wanted there.  I hope I can get done as I know it will be several days of fine tuning parts as well so I have to keep moving but life happens. I have appts. all day tomorrow and part of Tuesday. That always plays me out and I just do not paint that much. So I know I am going to get behind some and have to push to get this done. So again, here is where I am today...and wish me luck that I can finish it by next weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Cherries and Wine Watercolor Demo 9

I was able to do a tiny bit more with the wood today...I am putting in a lot of grain and then will decide how much darker the background should go, which will mute out some grain I am suspecting. I am finding I really love this wood so this summer I will back to this building and get more pictures as the peeling paint is very interesting being this amazing Teal turquoise color.  It is taking me some time as I do not feel that well and find I am napping sometimes by 9am. So I am losing a
lot of painting time but grab what I can.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Cherries and Wine Watercolor Demo

I really took time to think about what my background might be on this one. I always am looking for a different way of doing them. I had pictures of beautiful blue skies, fences and I see this as a picnic outside. But in the end I settled on this. It is so fun to put the rough next to the smooth, the rustic next to the sophisticated. Opposites can often make something much more interesting. I think I would have gone with a landscape but it would have taken longer and I want to finish this piece up. I hope that I will not be disappointed as I could have done something even more daring. Maybe next time! There is still so much to do but slowly the shapes are falling into place and making sense!!! The label on the one wine bottle is waiting...I will make that last as I think I want it to say something about the painting itself.