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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Salute to Norway!

I am not sure that is the title...but it is leaning that will have something to do with Norway or my friend Solveig Rimstad.   You will see that the wine label I kept leaving is now the Norwegian flag! I need to work on it...thought it was straight and it is not! ha! But I think I have room to move that line a little. This is not done but now all I have are little adjustments here and there and stabbing in some dark areas
etc...erasing...removing cat hair. ha! But now I can begin to get ready for Vegas where I will be all of next week with my daughter and son-in-law at clothing market. I just did not want to leave with so many loose ends...I feel it is very doable now when I get back...and if I have the time I will do it before.  So here it is until further notice!


Ruth Steinfatt said...

This is full of interest and colour... love it Janie...have fun in Vegas...

Sandra said...

I am speechless as always when I see your work. Sigh.

Johanna Cellucci said...

This painting jumped out at me even before you brought it to near completion. The subject, the colors, the it all. You are a perfectionist!