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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Watercolor of Metal Fish update 3

Well I sure have not had the time to paint like I would like but this is where my fishy painting is at this point. Tomorrow I am hoping to get in all the spines and decide on that last fish color...and the background is still up for grabs too!!! Still cannot make up my mind! ha! But this is where it sits as of now.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Watercolor of Metal Fish WIP 2

This is where I am tonight. Again I have had a busy time here and so can only find moments here and there to paint but that is all it takes sometimes to keep moving forward! Never be discouraged and just keep plugging away and before you
know it you will have a painting!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Watercolor Metal Fish

This is from a picture I took nearly a year ago and finally am starting on it. It is very different from my last painting and I am testing out the new paints on this one. Since I was not given many colors I am sort of limited especially when I am use to the large selection from Daniel Smith but it is going to be fine!!! This is just a small portion of the piece and nothing else has been painted yet but I do hope to get around to finishing off another fish tomorrow. This is a smaller painting too. It is only 12 x 24 I think so that is going to go twice as fast as a full sheet! So far I am liking the colors of the new paints but will wait to discuss them until I have worked with them for awhile.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beginning New Watercolor

I have completed a drawing to start a new watercolor and I am stumped about what to do. First let me explain. I have been asked to test a new watercolor  coming out on the market called QOR and it is pronounced CORE...I think. Anyway, I was wondering if I should paint this with the new colors and then I think but I love this drawing and I want to do it with watercolors I know and understand and not test something on this and then not like it after all the work of drawing! So that is why I am stumped. We will see which way I will lean. I will post the drawing. It was put in adobe to try to make the pencil lines stand out so it might look very dark and let me assure you it is not dark. And my head shadow is in there. ha! Sorry about that. It is a group of metal welded fish with spines all over them. I am really excited to get painting on it and so am not sure which way to go as I really like the drawing and want this to turn out. We will see. I will post the drawing and also the color swatches I did of the new paints. I have them in the window now and will leave them there for a month in the sun to see if there is any fading.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Watercolor of Cherries and Wine Final!

I have to call this done. Having been on a trip and coming home to solve those last problems with the painting I found I had lost interest and just want to move on. I will get it professionally photographed next week so I might tweek here and there before it goes but it really is for the most part done.  I have decided upon the title as well. It is Lunch with Solveig. Solveig Rimstad is a good friend and when I decided to use the Norwegian flag as one of the labels it also helped me name the painting! It is always nice to finish a painting but I never remember ending a painting and feeling like it was exactly how I wanted it. I would change many things which is always the case with me! But I learn lessons each time I stretch like this so if you want to grow as an artist, push yourself.
I have been asked to test some very newly patented watercolors so need to get a drawing going for that and then believe it or not I think I will try my hand at some acrylic again. I need to do more with that as it is something I think would give me a respite from the watercolors.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Watercolor Update

I have only worked a tiny bit on my watercolor but it will be done this week. I have been in Las Vegas helping my daughter at clothing market. Upon my return I found on facebook that the Artist Daily had included me in an article!~ I am honored to be included and hope you enjoy reading it!