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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Watercolor of Cherries and Wine Final!

I have to call this done. Having been on a trip and coming home to solve those last problems with the painting I found I had lost interest and just want to move on. I will get it professionally photographed next week so I might tweek here and there before it goes but it really is for the most part done.  I have decided upon the title as well. It is Lunch with Solveig. Solveig Rimstad is a good friend and when I decided to use the Norwegian flag as one of the labels it also helped me name the painting! It is always nice to finish a painting but I never remember ending a painting and feeling like it was exactly how I wanted it. I would change many things which is always the case with me! But I learn lessons each time I stretch like this so if you want to grow as an artist, push yourself.
I have been asked to test some very newly patented watercolors so need to get a drawing going for that and then believe it or not I think I will try my hand at some acrylic again. I need to do more with that as it is something I think would give me a respite from the watercolors.


Laura Leeder said...

You've done beautiful job on this wonderfully complicated painting!
Thank You for sharing.....

Johanna Cellucci said...

Your water colors are just beautiful, as is this one. I am amazed at all of the elements and colors you used, yet it all works together. This had to be challenging to accomplish, but you did a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

This was fun seeing the progress. Its so nice to connect with fellow watercolorists.