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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Watercolor Of Fish Is Done!

I think I am calling this done! If I add anything it will be to the two tags but it would have to be very faint and not distracting so waiting on that part and maybe I just like them as a shape element. I have not decided totally on the title. I have been calling it Fishing in the Dark but also like School's Out. I know I promised to talk about the QoR paints when I finished the painting but I have been approached by Watercolor Artist Magazine to do an article on the paints so I will have to stay quiet for now on what I liked and did not like...but doing the article will be alot of fun!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Demo in Watercolor of Fish with Qor paints

Ok...I have not kept up with this but decided to paint some today and so this is where the watercolor is now. I did find that in just two coats the background is solid black which usually would take me more with my transparent paints. Have not solved the background yet but slowly it is piecing together. I would rather have that solved to begin with but this sort of has evolved and I do run the chance of messing it up because I have no idea what direction it is going...but seems of late I do more and more of that! ha!