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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Radish Watercolor Demo

I just have so many days of gray skies and very dismal. I tried to run out between squalls and take a picture but the colors are off. I really hope in a few days things will clear and I can get a better picture of where I am at. It has been hard to even paint as the house has been dark and need the lights on. It feels too much like winter light which for me is a depressing light so I have done more reading than painting I fear! Hopefully you can get the general idea and then the next picture will be more true to color for you!


Mike Lealos said...

Looks like another fantastic painting Jane!

Jane Freeman said...

Thank you so much Mike!!! So good to hear from you! Well I sure hope the next picture will be of it finished and I get the colors right. Seems my camera doesn't pick up these reds and blues accurately at all! But I will get it professionally done and that should do the trick!!! Hope you are having a good summer!

Christiane Fortin said...

Dear Janie, this painting is another winner. The composition as well as the colors and simply perfect. Loving every aspect of it. xx