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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Watercolor of Golden Pear Continues!

Well I did not get the post of where my pear was here that is.
I still am finding shapes which I like to do first. I am not one of those painters who paints it to completion before moving on because I like to see it all sort of basic values and then decide how dark I need to go...there is a point where the painting takes over and I make those choices which is the part that is scary but also the creative part I love. Now I am at this it is a wee bit closer but there is alot of crazy stuff I am having trouble finding...but slowly I am creeping along!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Watercolor of Golden Pear Continued

I am finding it hard to find enough time to do a lot but part of the problem here is all the drawing! I have found some of the lettering on the book and am beginning to find the feathers in the vase. I think once I find the shapes then I will dare to actually paint but until then you know me, I am looking for the shapes. It is always how I work.  So this is where you will find the painting today and tomorrow is a busy day with errands but hope by Saturday to put more time in! Thanks for following!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Watercolor Painting of a Golden Pear and Feathers

I am finally beginning a new painting! It has been a long time! Since the first of July to be exact! I fell off a bike on July 11th  and tore alot of ligaments in my left foot. It was awful and I also hit my head on the side of my old injury. Then three weeks later because I was so unstable I fell off the deck and did in the other foot! Egads! I felt so defeated by this I sort of gave up and did not paint or do anything. Just getting around was so major but I should have been painting. I feel bad I did not.
So anyway, with that and low white counts and auto immune stuff I have been struggling to have the energy to do most anything. I am doing better and I finally can drive my car and feel secure about that. I still have to be careful as we have ice now. It will be awhile yet before I am completely healed.
So I have begun something I am not even sure of! ha! I set up the display on my art book and hung it by strings against a wall. It feels overwhelming as of yet as I am not sure how to even draw certain areas but will keep stuggling with it. I have found if I have most of my shapes in place and get a light wash of color
on them I can usually see more clearly what I have to do. So this is where I am at right now...slowly it will begin to make sense..I HOPE! ha!