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Friday, November 14, 2014

Watercolor Painting of a Golden Pear and Feathers

I am finally beginning a new painting! It has been a long time! Since the first of July to be exact! I fell off a bike on July 11th  and tore alot of ligaments in my left foot. It was awful and I also hit my head on the side of my old injury. Then three weeks later because I was so unstable I fell off the deck and did in the other foot! Egads! I felt so defeated by this I sort of gave up and did not paint or do anything. Just getting around was so major but I should have been painting. I feel bad I did not.
So anyway, with that and low white counts and auto immune stuff I have been struggling to have the energy to do most anything. I am doing better and I finally can drive my car and feel secure about that. I still have to be careful as we have ice now. It will be awhile yet before I am completely healed.
So I have begun something I am not even sure of! ha! I set up the display on my art book and hung it by strings against a wall. It feels overwhelming as of yet as I am not sure how to even draw certain areas but will keep stuggling with it. I have found if I have most of my shapes in place and get a light wash of color
on them I can usually see more clearly what I have to do. So this is where I am at right now...slowly it will begin to make sense..I HOPE! ha!


Mike Lealos said...

So sorry to hear about your summer, you take care and there is no better therapy than watercolor painting.

Looking forward to your progress photos on your current painting.

You have a great Holiday Season Jane, hope all will go well for you!

Jane Freeman said...

Hi Mike!!! So very good to hear from you!!!
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas Mike! Stay warm and keep painting!!